** Bulk Buy List**

These are the parts that I am selling in a lot.  Email me at mailto:msandwick@hotmail.com if you have any information.

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7/14/2012: Created bulk buy list.  Everything is sold as a lot, must be picked up.   It is about 3 Gorilla racks full of stuff (Racks not included) and 3 plastic drawer units (included). I have plenty of boxes. 

These are sold as a lot.  The prices listed are a reference as to what each part was listed for on the website.

Pictures: (If you want to see a bigger pic for any of these, let me know and I'll email to you)

Picture1  Plastic drawers with miscellaneous parts like buttons, Bob Roberts parts, flybacks, caps, coin door light bulbs, locks, coin mechs, power cords and other odds and ends.





Track and Field PCB (works) $65
Spiders PCB #2 (non working) Broken pot on AC adapter board, missing interconnect $10
Spiders PCB #3 (non working) no separator braces $10
Rush N' Attack PCB #2 by Konami - (works). screen shot. Rush 'n attack Konami T-080340, PWB200225A GX577 $35
Kung Fu Master PCB bootleg? (works - but characters sometimes flicker) screen shot $20
Super Basketball PCB (works) Konami GX405 screen shot $20
Dig Dug PCB #2 (non working) Missing 6 EPROMS $15
Dig Dug PCB #3 (non working) Labeled Bad, Missing Chips. Missing Z80A and 1 EPROM $15
Kangaroo PCB #1 (non working) gray screen $20
Kangaroo PCB #2 (non working) gray screen, clicking noises $20
Kangaroo PCB #3 (non working) gray screen, labeled wet $20
Galaga bootleg PCB (unknown). Complete, has adapter (it doesn't look like JAMMA) $25
Kicker PCB (works) Konami screenshot $30
Cabal JAMMA PCB (works). Unable to test trackball in my JAMMA cab, but coins up and can shoot weapons screenshot $30
Ninja Gaiden JAMMA PCB (works) Tecmo screenshot $50
Bottom of the Ninth JAMMA PCB (works) Konami screenshot $25
Mr. Do's Castle PCB (non working) Univeral 8300. Dead $10
Mr. Do's Castle PCB (partial working) Attract mode is fine, won't coin up and solid continuous low tone. screenshot $15
Rally X PCB (non working) Labeled Bad ROM from Characters Corner. One pin is burned $20
Frogger on Galaxian hardware PCB (non working) - Blue Screen and can see the very top of the score display. Coins up $20
Arabian PCB (untested) Sun Electronics TVG-13-B. IC10, IC15, IC27 missing $15
Donkey Kong bootleg PCB (untested) 4 board set $20
Ikari Warriors PCB and wire harness (untested) Has wiring harness with all connectors including for rotary joysticks $40
Super Pac-Man PCB (untested) $30
Zaxxon PCB #1 (untested) Sega $25
Zaxxon PCB #2 (untested) Sega $25
Zaxxon PCB #3 (untested) Sega $25
Audio Amps (untested) Labeled works. 2 available, price is for each $10
Golden Tee 97 PCB (works) Works, unable to test trackball now. Pulled from a working GT cabinet. screenshot $40
Golden Tee 97 PCB (non working) Dead, no LEDs light up $10
Golden Tee 97 PCB (non working) Dead, yellow sound status LED blinks $10
1980's computer motherboard? 1980 Computervision. Maybe a CAD machine $5
Gremlin unknown electromechanical board (untested) Model 5001A-PS. Electromechanical game? Has crowd,gun,hit,ding on back $5
Midway Rapid Fire PCB (untested) $5
Unknown Audio PCB AB6432 Rev B AB2321 $5
Centipede PCB #4 (works) with Two-Bit Score DUX EPROMs screenshot $60
Centipede PCB #8 (works) screenshot $60
Jungle Hunt PCB (untested) $30
Eyes PCB #1 (untested) Rock-Ola has mounting brackets. TP-048 $25
Eyes PCB #2 (untested) Rock-Ola has mounting brackets. TP-048 $25
Kozmic Krooz'r PCB (untested) labeled missing HM6116LP-4 at B2. Kosmic Kroozr $40
Warp Warp PCB #1 (untested) Rock Ola G-5415-A, G-5416 $15
Warp Warp PCB #2 (untested) Rock Ola G-5415-A, G-5416 $15
Pac-Man EPROMs - various Pac-Man eprom sets
Time Pilot PCB (works) Konami screenshot $40
Lot of 12 Nintendo VS. cases (various games).  Some are empty, some are missing the chips, etc. $30
Kangaroo kit (untested PCB, ARII, cut wiring, cardboard monitor shroud, marquee (some bubbling), monitor glass bezel, test panel) pic1 pic2 pic3 $40
Super Cobra kit (Working PCB with no sound, scratchy sound when volume pot is touched) 2 Power Supplies, 4 joysticks, cut wiring. pic1 pic2 pic3 $30
Karate Champ kit (working PCB & cage, PS, controls, wiring, marquee (cracked, signs of previous attempt to repair marquee) pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 $40
Bagman kit (PCB Cage, marquee, CPO (with cigarette burns)) pic1 pic2 $25
Vs. Golf kit #2 (working PCB and cage, wiring, bezel, cp, marquee) pic1 pic2 $60
Vs. Golf kit #3 (working PCB and cage, wiring, bezel, cp, marquee) pic1 pic2 $60
Vs. Golf kit #4 (working PCB and cage, wiring, bezel, cp, marquee) pic1 pic2 $60
Dragon's Lair kit (marquee, control panel, scoreboard plexi with wood, scoreboard pcb, power supply) pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4  $140
 Altered Beast kit (partially working PCB, wiring with some cut ends, CP with missing controls, manual) pic1 pic2 pic3. Sound isn't all there.  $40
Control Panels
Asteroids cocktail control panel (2 player side) $15
Dragon's Lair control panel (most of wiring is missing) $60
Donkey Kong 3 control panel (just the panel, no controls or wiring) $20
Mario Bros. control panel (no controls or wiring) - standard width (not widebody) $15
Tempest control panel backside pic $40
Kung Fu Master control panel (converted) $15
Cabal control panel (hacked Centipede CP) $20
Wizard of Wor back door - plastic bubble, 23 3/4 w, 43 3/4 h 1/2 " thick, 2 metal brackets at bottom Free
Back Door #1 - 24 3/8" wide, 24 5/6" high 3/4" thick. Black on one side. Lips on both ends, MDF Free
Back Door #3 - 23 x 42 1/2 x 7/8 particle board, lock portion busted. Slight water damage Free
Back Door #4 - 23 3/4 x 37 x 5/8, particle board. Slight corner wear Free
Nintendo Coin chute Penny / Nickel problem solvers $5
NOS B&W monitor flyback  
Unknown flyback (WG 19K6100)?  
New coin counters - between 00000 and 000002 on the meters $5 ea
 2 large boxes of NOS Atari parts late 70's early 80's parts.  $100
Fluorescent tubes (over 10 available)  $25 for all
Nintendo fluorescent tubes (over 10 available)$40 for all
Ballasts and starters for fluorescent fixtures (over 10 available) $5 each
Tubes of various IC chips (2114, 4116, etc) $50
Miscellaneous electronic components (caps, regulators, etc)
Bob Roberts parts (cap kits, connector kits, etc)
Power cords and 3 pronged plugs (for replacing ones with missing ground pins)  $20
Leg Levelers
Misc hardware, screws, bolts
Rolls of smooth black T-Molding $40
Rolls of textured black T-Molding$40
Rolls of white Nintendo T-Molding$30
Needham PB10 Eprom burner$30
Wiring harnesses (most have some cut ends - see pictures):  
Frogger wiring harness - cut but includes 12v power supply $10
Pac-Man wiring harness - looks complete, cut at transformer $20
Atari wiring harness with power brick $40
A mix of 3 cut Atari wiring harnesses $5
Atari wiring harness - Unknown game (single edge connector) $20
Misc. Nintendo connectors and wiring - mostly cut, some classic control panel harnesses $5
Ms. Pac-Man wiring harness (New) from Arcadeshop $30
Ms. Pac-Man control panel wiring harness (New) from Arcadeshop $15
Berzerk cocktail wiring harness $20
Multi Williams control panel wiring (new) $25
Dig Dug wiring harness (cut up) $5
Power Supplies:  
Gottlieb (Q*Bert) power supply - Missing 2 caps $20
Gottlieb (Q*Bert) power supply - complete and untested $25
Galaga switching power supply kit (adapter and PS) $50
Nintendo PP900A power supply (3 available) $15
Nintendo TSF-CL-PP TZF TBB TWG power supply (2 available) $15
 Harmer Simmons PS Telephone Power Supply RD219 24.5v 4A / -24.5v 4A / 5.2v 7A  $5
Sanwa monitor from Irem / Data East cabinet (Kung Fu Master or Karate Champ). (Tube and chassis with part of the frame)  Free
Sanyo 20EZV Nintendo (Partial working) Works but bad ripple and makes loud buzzing noise. Audio board works. front / screen  $50
Sanyo 20EZV Nintendo (Non working) Image is scrambled, screen shuts off after being on for a few minutes. Audio board works. front / screen $35
Electrohome G05-801 HV unit (untested) - Complete, G05-801 EHT Supply Issue - 5 Part Number: 50-1410-01 $10
Wells Gardner 19K4900 chassis #1 (non working) - Missing a few caps, had vertical collapse prior to removing caps $10
Wells Gardner 19K4900 chassis #2 (non working) - several cracks in chassis and neckboard $10
 A box full of several kinds of monitor chassis (unknown, WG 19K4600, Sanyo 14" (Atari), etc)  $50
Joysticks, Buttons and other controls:
Happ Controls leaf switch joystick (red ball) 2 $10
NOS Happ Controls leaf switch sticks (sticks only) black ball 3 $5
Universal leaf switch joystick (includes ball - not pictured) 1 $20
Nintendo 8 way joysticks (VS. style) - Can be used in DK series if the 8 way restrictor replaced with 4 way 9 $25
Nintendo 2 way joystick (Mario Bros.) 1 $30
Pair of Midway joysticks and wiring (not sure which game it is from) 1 $50
Midway 8 way joysticks (complete, some have partial wiring) 7 $25
Midway 8 way joysticks (incomplete, parts missing) 3 $10
Midway 4 way joysticks (with partial wiring) 2 $30
Midway 4 way joysticks (complete) 4 $25
Midway 4 way joysticks (incomplete, parts missing)  - one with red restrictor and 3 leafs is sold 5 $10
NOS Monroe 8 way leaf switch joystick (I put together and was going to install in Gyruss but sold the machine) 1 $80
Monroe 8 way joysticks (used but works good), one has wiring but not sure which game 3 $30
Williams 2 way joysticks (Defender and Stargate) 4 $20
Joust optical joystick (untested, complete) 1 $25
Microswitch joysticks    
Unknown 2 way microswitch joysticks ( similar to Williams 2 way sticks) 2 $10
NOS Ninja Gaiden joystick from Wico - has button on top 1 $50
Ninja Gaiden joysticks - has button on top 2 $25
New Happ Controls 8 way joystick (2 sticks each, one of them is red) 3 $10
Spinners & Trackballs & Misc Controls    
Kick 2 way trackball. 3 are complete, 1 is missing opto board. Bally Midway Kick 4 $20
Sega spinner For Sega Star Trek or Tac-Scan 1 $20
Sega spinner For Sega Star Trek or Tac-Scan (incomplete) 1 $10
Unknown spinner (incomplete) 1 $5
Tempest spinner (2 are missing opto board) - no knob. One has bent wheel 3 $20
Centipede trackball (complete with wiring). Rollers are like new. inside shot 1 $35
Centipede trackball (complete with wiring). Rollers have a small amount of wear. inside shot 1 $30
Centipede style trackballs (incomplete) Missing opto boards and wiring harness 1 white and 1 orange ball 2 $10
Medium size trackball (incomplete) Missing opto boards and harness. Red ball 1 $10
Trackball parts    $5
Wico trackball (complete) 1 roller and corner bearing are new, one roller is worn and needs lubing) inside shot 1 $15
Balls for trackballs (3 small off white, 2 large white, 1 large black/white) 5 $5
Trackball roller sets 2  $10
Trackball rollers    $5
Missile Command mini/cabaret trackball parts (incomplete) 1 $5
Atari opto board for large trackball (Missile Command, Football) 1 $10
NOS trackball wheel / encoder 4 $10
Trackball wiring harness 1 $10
Pole Position steering opto board (untested) 2 $10
Sega steering wheel (wheel only) 1 $10
Buttons and switches    
Used short buttons - Various colors orange)
Used long buttons - Various colors
New buttons ( a handful left, mostly blue and yellow)
Used Microswitch buttons (with removable microswitches)
New Microswitch buttons (3 - 1 player start, 2 - 2 player start, 1 - 3 player start, black, blue, yellow)
Multipart colored button (new) Relief Pitcher?
New microswitch button (blue)
NOS leaf switch button bases (short) - off white
NOS leaf switch button bases (short) - black
Used leaf switch button bases (short) - white
Used leaf switch button bases (tall) - white
Used Midway button bases (for games with wood base control panels) 3 are missing switches
Parts, etc    
White ball tops for small joysticks (Nintendo style) 5 $10
Various joystick grommets 8  
Button parts    
 NOS Robotron joystick grommets  2  $20