** Romstar TOURNAMENT ARKANOID Arcade Video Game **

This is an Arkanoid arcade game in a Frogger style cabinet with wood grain finish. This is a more fun version of Breakout. In Arkanoid, you control a paddle to try to keep the ball in play to hit all the bricks. Some bricks have to be hit multiple times, and some are indestructible. You can capture falling capsules to get power ups, including a laser which allows you to shoot the bricks. Other power ups include multiball, wide paddle, slow ball, etc.

This is the Tournament version, which is more challenging than the original Arkanoid. This has different playfields than the original. If you would rather have the original, I will put a boardset with the original ROMs in it for you.

The game works great. The Cabinet is solid but has dings and scuff marks from being on a route. This game was operated until 2001 (it has a license sticker from the city of Seattle for 2001 on the marquee). The monitor has a great picture, cap kit has been installed.. Has some burn in, noticeable when the game is off.. Control panel is in fair shape. Normal wear and tear, but the artwork is all there. Some small cracks in the plexi on top of control panel.. Marquee is in fair shape, it has some small scratches on the back allowing light to come through. Has a couple stickers on it. Coin door is in good shape, with a brand new lock.

I have a high resolution version of each picture below, email me if you want the high resolution versions to see more detail.

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