** Asteroids Deluxe Arcade Game by Atari **

Here is a classic XY vector game, Asteroids Deluxe. This is the sequel to Asteroids. Deluxe is more challenging than the original Asteroids. The game is reflected off a mirror in front of the monitor, and the asteroids backdrop is iluminated by a black light. The screen has the appearace of floating in the asteroid field. This is a cool effect.

This cabinet is in good shape. Has some small dings, but overall in good shape. The control panel is in good shape, but has some cracks around the bend, but overall very clean. Marquee is nice and the light lights up. Coin door is nice, both lights work. Monitor has a cap kit installed, and new deflection transistors, has a great picture. It just has very light burn in, not noticeable at all with the game on. This game has revision 2 ROMs installed, I will include the revision 1 ROMs with this game (in its own antistatic tube).

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