** Battlezone Arcade Game **

Here is a classic XY vector game, Battlezone. You control a tank, and the object is to rack up points by blowing up other tanks and objects while avoiding getting hit yourself.

This game is working great. The ARII (Audio / power regulator) board has new capacitors. The big blue cap in the transformer block is brand new. The monitor has a cap kit and new transistors. The joystick grommets were replaced with NOS grommets. The monitor has brand new red/green clear plastic on it (the originals have usually become brittle. Sound works, all lights work including the white black light that illuminates the backdrop. (except for the flashing red on the start button when credits are inserted).

This is the periscope viewer version of the cabinet (this also came in an open faced version). This has the image reflected onto a back drop, giving the appearance that the game is viewed through a tank. This cabinet is in good shape overall, but has some dings and scuffs. The artwork is very nice on this game. The control panel has some light surface rust on it. Joysticks are nice and tight (NOS grommets installed), and self-center. The bezel is in good shape, has the usual swirly scratches on the plexi. The cabinet is solid with no water damage.

See the pictures below. Note, the screen shots of the actual game running are a bit blurry, the autofocus on the camera keeps trying to focus on the plexi on the bezel, the actual images are not blurry.

I have a high resolution version of each picture below, email me if you want the high resolution versions to see more detail.

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This picture is as viewed from the periscope window.