** Battlezone Arcade Game (Cabaret / mini version) **

Here is a classic XY vector game, Battlezone. You control a tank, and the object is to rack up points by blowing up other tanks and objects while avoiding getting hit yourself.

This game is working and had some rebuilding done. Audio / power regulator board rebuilt. The big blue cap in the transformer block is brand new. The PCB edge connectors were replaced, solder joints between the interconnect cable reflowed. The monitor has a cap kit and new transistors. It currently has the Brasington high score save kit installed (see http://www.brasington.org/arcade/hs/bzone/ for more details), this will save the high scores after the machine is turned off. You may opt for a PCB without the high score save kit, i will drop $50 from the price if you do so. One minor issue that the board with the HS kit has is that the volume is louder than normal for the first 5 minutes after the machine is turned on if a game is played. After then, it goes down to normal levels. The non HS save board does not have this issue.

This cabinet is in ok shape. Has some scrapes and dings.. The control panel is in good shape, controls are not loose (grommets seem to be okay). The bracket on the top holding the monitor plexi in place is not original until the original part can be located, and is temporary until the original can be found. This includes the manual for the cabaret Battlezone.

I have a high resolution version of each picture below, email me if you want the high resolution versions to see more detail.

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