** Red Donkey Kong **

Here is a rare version of Nintendo's Donkey Kong. The very first run of red cabinets were leftover Radarscope cabinets, which bombed badly in the US. Nintendo converted the remaining cabinets to Donkey Kong, hence the red color.

This cabinet is in good. Has some gouges and scrapes on the sides. The black bar above the control panel has some chips in the black veneer (see pictures). Brand new marquee, new bezel, new control panel overlay and instruction art (all from arcadeshop). Also has brand new flat t-molding. I also have side art for it, but have not applied it. This is sideart from Arcade Renovations. It has the protective backing and fronting over it still. It does have a crease down the middle from when the package was bent during shipping, but should come out when applied. I didn't apply it in case the buyer wants to take care of some of the gouges in the sides before having this applied. The coin door has been repainted.

Monitor has an extended cap kit (including the B+ filter cap), has a great picture. It just has very light burn in, not noticeable at all with the game on. The audio amplifier board was also rebuilt for longer life. The marquee light works great, new bulb and starter (the standard kind, not the hard to find Nintendo kind).

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