** Red Donkey Kong **

Here is a rare version of Nintendo's Donkey Kong. The very first run of red cabinets were leftover Radarscope cabinets, which bombed badly in the US. Nintendo converted the remaining cabinets to Donkey Kong, hence the red color.

This cabinet is in excellent condition. Has small dings, but very few and far in between, not noticeable unless you look closely. Brand new side art, new marquee, new bezel, new control panel overlay and instruction art, new coin sticker (all from arcadeshop). Also has brand new flat t-molding. This is the new run of flat molding much like the original. This is a like new machine. The Double Donkey Kong and high score save upgrade will be installed in here shortly.

Also, it is capable of playing several other Nintendo games. It can play Donkey Kong Jr and Donkey Kong 3. It can also play Popeye and Mario Bros if you rotate the monitor. It also plays VS. games like Super Mario Bros and Excitebike. Monitor needs to be rotated for that. But the main harness is actually a VS harness with an adapter to play Donkey Kong series games. To play VS, just remove the adapter, rotate the monitor, and plug in the VS control panel (included). The brackets for horizontal orientation of the monitor are included. I didn't install them yet since I would have to poke 3 holes in the side art (holes are already in cabinet though)

I have a high resolution version of each picture below, email me if you want the high resolution versions to see more detail.

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Control panel still has most of the protective plastic on it to keep the condition nice.