** Mr. Do! Cocktail Arcade Game **

This is a Mr. Do! cocktail in a Midway style cocktail cabinet (Galaga, Pac-Man, etc). I was going to convert it to Ms. Pac-Man, but the cabinet isn't the exact same layout as a Ms.Pac-Man. I have the wiring and control panels for Ms. Pac.

It is working. The picture is slightly wavy (it's not the monitor, I suspect the power supply since I swapped monitors with the same result. Cabinet is solid, one of the speaker grilles is slightly dented. Control panels are in great condition, it has newer joysticks. The monitor has a great picture, cap kit installed! Has a very tiny bit of burn in, but isn't noticeable during game play. Monitor glass is fair, has surface scratches.

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1 Player side

2 Player side