** Bally Midway Omega Race Mini Cabaret **

This is an Omega Race arcade video game in a cabaret / mini format. This is a smaller version than the standard full size upright. This uses a XY vector monitor instead of the normal raster scan.

** UPDATE 8/1/2009: this game no longer works. The PCB stopped working (dead, no image on the screen, no sound). I pulled the monitor and put one without the deflection and HV PCBs.

The Cabinet is solid and in good shape, with the exception of the left upper corner where the woodgrain vinyl is peeling. The monitor has a great picture, cap kit and new transistors installed a couple years ago (hardly used since then). Has some burn in, but isn't noticeable during game play. Control panel is in good shape. Normal wear and tear, but the artwork is all there. Monitor bezel is fair, some of the paint is flaking off the glass. Marquee is in good shape. Coin door is in good shape. The original battery has been removed from the board, some slight acid leakage, but battery was removed before it did any significant damage. The original manual is included, in the pouch on the back door.

I have a high resolution version of each picture below, email me if you want the high resolution versions to see more detail.

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