** Q*BERT Arcade Game by Gottlieb **

Here is a classic hopper game, Q*Bert. This is a fun game where you have to change all of the squares on the pyramid to the target color, while avoiding the bad guys (Coily, Ugg, Wrong Way, balls, etc).

This cabinet is in good shape. Has some small dings, but overall in good shape. The side art is a little torn in places (see pictures). The control panel is in ok shape, but has some overlay chunks missing on the bend. Marquee is nice and the light lights up. Coin door is decent, with a little wear around the coin slots. This has the Gottlieb logo on the coin door. Both lights work. No keys for front coin door locks (top is not locked, but the bottom one with coin box is locked). Monitor has a cap kit installed, has a great picture. It just has very light burn in, not noticeable at all with the game on. This has a brand new reproduction plexiglas bezel from Arcade Shop. Power supply was professionally rebuilt with new parts, including improvements to help avoid the failures in the 30v line that this game is famous for. Sound and speech is working great.

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