** Marble Madness (Atari System 1) **

Here is Atari's Marble Madness. I also have a complete Road Runner kit, complete RoadBlasters kit, and a complete Indiana Jones kit that is plug and play in this cabinet.

This one is in fair to good condition. Cabinet is solid but the side art is peeling on the left side.  There is a small area of damage just below the coin doors. Control Panel is nice (new overlay was installed about 6 years ago (about 2007), and has had light use since.  Trackballs were rebuilt with new rollers and bearings then as well.  Recently lubed a couple months ago.

The kits that I have with this are as follows (Tested March 2014): - Marble madness kit sold separately.

Images can be found by clicking here.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom:  PCB is working. Control panel is banged up, joystick is loose and a couple of wires are broken so one button and one direction on joystick isn't working.  CP needs some TLC but it is complete.  Marquee underlay is in very nice conditon.

Road Runner:  PCB is working.  Control panel overlay is nice. Joystick is a little loose, needs a little bit of TLC. Marquee underlay is in nice condition.

Road Blasters:  PCB is working. Control panel is fair.  Some rust on the metal parts. Steering optic board is out (steering not responding in game).  The pedal that is installed in the Marble Madness cabinet works with this game.  

(Sold separately) Marble Madness: Extra Marble Madness control panel with new overlay and rebuilt trackballs.  Protective wrap still on overlay. PCB has issues, it will play sometimes, but other times it comes with a software exception error message on the screen.

I at one time had reproduction System 1 side art to apply to this cabinet, but I cannot find it.  I must have inadvertedly put in in with the last batch of stuff I sold off.

Right side view of cabinet
left side view of cabinet
Screen view
Control panel view