** Donkey Kong Jr Upright **

All right folks. This is the one. This is the centerpiece of my collection. This is my all time favorite machine. It was my favorite game growing up, and still is! Save your papa!

This one is in pristine condition. Original art is 98% intact on the right side, and 100% on the left. All art on this machine is original, not reproductions. Control Panel is almost flawless. This one was in someone's home all its life, never saw life in a harsh arcade environment. Only 16,000 plays, absolutely no burn in on the monitor. The sides have the original shine, no scratches. Perfect T-molding.

Has the Double Donkey Kong with high score save kit installed, so I can play both Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.

Sorry, this one is definitely not for sale - this is a keeper, if I had to keep only one game, this would be the one.

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