** Mike's Arcade Game Collection **

This is the list of my personal collection of arcade games.

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06/16/2012: Updated

Donkey Kong Jr (the one that started it all!)
Ms Pac Man cocktail
Galaga upright
Mr. Do! cocktail (Midway style)
Superman (JAMMA cabinet - will put multi JAMMA kit)
Mario Bros (dedicated wide body)
Kung Fu Master (will be my Multi-JAMMA cabinet soon)
Ms. Pac Man upright
MultiWilliams (Joust, Robotron 2084, Defender, Stargate, Bubbles, Moon Patrol, Sinistar, Splat)
Donkey Kong (red cabinet). Multi-Nintendo (will be capable of playing all DK, Mario, Popeye games as well as VS. games. Just swap adapters and rotate monitors, etc. All new art has been installed (side art, cpo, marquee, bezel, coin).